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Lover of Bundesliga football? Want to learn more about the tactical side of the German game and impress your friends with the knowledge you have regarding one of Europe’s biggest leagues?

Well then, you are in the right place as Bundesliga Analysis aims to help you know everything you could possibly need to know to show off and become an expert when it comes to the football in the Central European nation.

Wondering why Bayern Munich continue to appear to stream-roll to the title almost every year? Can not put your finger on the meteoric rise of RB Leipzig? Maybe have your eyes on the league because of rumoured interest that your club has on a particular player?

Bundesliga Analysis looks to produce informative and in-depth articles to help bridge any gap that you may have and make your knowledge of everything to do with German football as tight as possible.

We produce a number of Match Analysis that range from the pre-match analysis of an upcoming fixture to post-match musings suggesting why a particular result had potentially happened.

Furthermore, we create detailed scouting reports on players that are focused heavily focused on data and highlight it with photographic evidence. Whether it be a player currently playing in the league or whether it is an individual that has been linked with a move to one of the Bundesliga’s outfits.

Head Coaches can sometimes go unanalysed at times, however here at Bundesliga Analysis, we make sure to go in-depth and look at the tactical approach each manager uses to set up their side and, as with linked players, whether a manager would be the right fit for the team they are supposedly set to join.

If you want to get involved with offering contributions about the Bundesliga in an analytical way, then why not get involved and apply to write for us!

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