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The German Bundesliga is not only one of the most competitive leagues globally; it is also one of the most popular. It is continuously ranked as one of the best and most-watched soccer leagues in Europe and the world. Many young stars have made their debut and emerged as dominant players on this stage. We look at three youngsters who have shown their skill and talent.

The young sensation of the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga has produced some of the best young football players in history. The league is the most competitive globally, and Germans are also the most consistent talent producers.

It was not too long ago that Bayern Munich had four German internationals, while Borussia Dortmund had three. This shows how many talented youngsters are on these teams. Some of these youngsters have shown their incredible talent with dominant performances.

Nico Schulz was one of those players, who has made his debut and emerged as a dominant player for Borussia Dortmund. His first game was against Augsburg in November 2017 when he replaced Manuel Akanji in the 89th minute. Schulz was a rough start, but he has since made an excellent return to form after being injured for over three months. He scored his first goal against Freiburg in April 2018 with a powerful header from close range following across.

Schulz has demonstrated his skills again by scoring four goals in nine matches in a season, all of which have been headers from very close range – continuing this trend of starting play at the destination or near it.

He is not only powerful with shots coming from further away, though; he also has excellent skill in dribbling with the ball at his feet – something which will be crucial if he wants.

The future of German football

The future of German football is looking very bright, thanks to the emerging young sensation.

Germany has always been known for its quality and competitiveness, but now they’re taking it to another level with the emerging talent. Three players, in particular, have shined brightest among them all.

Leon Goretzka is a central midfielder who enjoyed an impressive season at Schalke 04, scoring six goals and providing six assists in 27 Bundesliga appearances now plays in Bayern Munich. Philipp Max was also among Schalke’s title-winning team, ensuring his name was on the list of talented players with essential contributions to the cause. Max played 26 times out of 27 Bundesliga matches for Schalke 04, making him one of the more crucial individuals now plays with PSV.

Ousmane Dembele is another player who has made his mark on Germany’s top division with Dortmund. The Frenchman scored seven times and provided 12 assists in just 18 Bundesliga matches before suffering a severe injury against Eintracht Frankfurt – one of the best performances by any player in this league, now joined Barcelona for a record fee.

Timo Werner and Kai Havertz are young players who made their way into the national team by playing in the Bundesliga. These players now play in the EPL with Chelsea and won the Champions League last season.