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Do you want to make money on a football prediction? Don’t miss the opportunity to place your bets on one of the teams participating in the German championship. The German Championship is always a spectacular football show. On Sharpgambler you will find reliable places where you can place football bets or play casino.

Bundesliga†is 18 teams, each of which rightfully deserves the attention of experts, bookmakers, and betters. Today you can place your bets to start making big sums on soccer predictions. How to place bets based on predictions, and is it difficult to predict the outcome of events in the†Bundesliga? Can you make money on this? Let’s tell you more.

The Structure of†Bundesliga

The German Football†Bundesliga†is a professional football league for German clubs, the top division in the German football league system. The championship usually runs from August to May. It features 18 teams, each of which plays 34 games.

The†Bundesliga†was formed in 1963, and FC Koln became the first†Bundesliga†champion. It should be noted that the German championship is one of the most popular football tournaments and is among the top 5 most powerful leagues in Europe. The top 4 clubs in the†Bundesliga†are eligible to play in the group stage of the Champions League, while the 5th and 6th place teams go to the Europa League.

Throughout the history of the†Bundesliga, 12 clubs have become champions. The largest number of championship titles were won by†Bayern†Munich – 30. Also, the top three are Nuremberg (9) and†Borussia†Dortmund (8).

Free†Bundesliga†Predictions from Experts

The German†Bundesliga†is recognized as one of the strongest among all European championships. German teams showcase bright and exciting games and can beat many European teams from other countries.

Only trusted experts, whose opinion most often becomes correct, and betters who listen to forecasts, constantly increase their income. Coefficients,†analytics, arguments ñ all this is in expert opinions and all this is available to you for free. Study the predictions of football journalists, football betting experts and take action. It’s very simple:†analytics†and action. This is what allows a novice bettor to become a pro very quickly.

Can the Forecasts Be Trusted?

Predictions are based on dozens of data:

  • how the teams’ previous games went;
  • how the players worked on the field;
  • what moments became the most unexpected and unpredictable, etc.

Therefore, the forecasts are as close as possible to the real outcome. With 100% accuracy, no expert can say that his forecast will be correct. Sometimes everything is decided in the last seconds of the match.

Your task is to study the games of the favorites in the previous seasons, get acquainted with the expert’s predictions, and place your bets. You can place a single bet or an express bet (bets on several matches at once).

About Clubs and Finances in The German Championship

Bayern†is the most popular and richest club in the German championship. The club’s profits are so large that the loan for the relatively newly built stadium was paid off 16 years ahead of schedule. The financial model of the†Bundesliga†is built very competently and can serve as an example for many other European championships. In Germany, not only the grand clubs feel good, but also the smaller provincial teams.

The profits of the German soccer championship teams grow by more than 8% every year. In recent years, the academies of German clubs have given quite generous fruits in the form of talented youth. The most prominent graduates of such academies can become good assets for their clubs because the transfer cost of gifted young footballers is getting higher and higher every year.


The popularity of the German soccer championship is also reflected in the betting world. Absolutely all legal bookmakers in Great Britain accept bets on†Bundesliga†matches. In many bookmakers, you can find a wide variety of bets during the season, ranging from bets on the outcome of a particular match to long-term bets on the position of teams in the standings at the end of the championship.


Who makes predictions for the German Championship?

This is done by sports journalists, football betting specialists, and bookmakers. We share current forecasts and expert opinions, which in previous forecasts have repeatedly proved their truthfulness. Of course, it is difficult to predict 100% of the outcome of the game. You have to be an expert of the highest level and a master of football†analytics. TOP expert opinions are available to you on our website.

Why are†Bundesliga†predictions free?

A massive number of offices advertise forecasts in the public domain, so it’s no secret to anyone that you can get information for free. We believe that expert forecasts should be freely available for betters, regardless of the level: beginner or pro.