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The World Cup is drawing up, and time is running out. You could believe that calling up a young player at this point would not be ideal for Germany or any other qualifying nation. This one, though, is different because while he may be young, he is not a rookie and is entering Hansi Flick’s consciousness at an ideal time.

The 17-year-old striker is endowed with various admirable traits, not the least of which is his patience in working his way up to being the top player on Edin Terzic’s team. But now that his skill and importance to Dortmund are undeniable, the stars are lining up for him.

His fans are getting more excited for the World Cup, as many are all set to bet on the 17-year-old striker. Wagers are looking for the best-waging casinos to get the best casino welcome bonus. Wagers like to bet on him because of how Moukoko scored twice in the 3-0 victory against Bochum and how he did it was great.

His finishes, which were both from beyond the area and spoke of skill, form, and confidence all at once, were typically full of conviction: a lusty stroke with the reliable left foot, followed by a deft chip over the errant Bochum goalkeeper, Manuel Riemann, for the second.

The majority of the German media and fans are already persuaded. After the teenager’s most recent performance, Bild pundit Corni Küpper insisted, “Hansi Flick needs to take Moukoko to the World Cup.” Kicker’s weekly question is whether Moukoko or Werder Bremen’s Niclas Füllkrug, who scored once again in the 2-1 victory over Schalke on Saturday, should be called up. Since Timo Werner was ruled out in the middle of the week, both players may board the plane for Doha.

In contrast to Füllkrug, whose candidacy has gained notoriety, Moukoko’s is less sentimental and more practical. He is entirely persuasive, whether using the eye test or the numerical angle.

The fact that Moukoko scored his first goal made him the youngest player to score in the Bundesliga by a significant margin (the previous record holder, Florian Wirtz, did so at the age of 18 years and 145 days; Moukoko won’t turn 18 for another two weeks), but it almost seems insignificant in light of his overall brilliance.


This 17-year-old star has proved himself brilliant. And now that his talent and significance to Dortmund are apparent, all the odds are in his favour.