Dietmar Hamman is many things but move oracle he’s not. The midfield destroyer, who aided Liverpool to lift the Champions League in 2005, is not heavily involved with the club so it is tough to envisage him getting much insider information in regards to future transfers.

“I’d imagine that next summer that they could become one of the greatest interested parties.” When most titbits of information in this way should be taken with a pinch of salt, this one may have legs.

Primarily, the Premier League leaders are going to be on the market for a broad forward this summer. Although Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané are heading in their prime years, it would be naïve for this kind of intelligent recruitment team to not be working on another phase of their team’s evolution.

By the end of this present effort, the two will be 28 and there is no clear line of succession in sight with Harvey Elliott only turning 17 next April.

When the 2019/20 season finishes, Sancho will be 20. He will have two full years of Bundesliga action under his belt — having just been a bit-part player throughout the 2017/18 season — as well as two Champions League campaigns. While he is far from experienced, he has a whole lot more top-level activity to his title than a number of other players his age.

He meets the criteria concerning age and ability. He could call the perfect side of Liverpool’s strike home for four or five decades. That would allow Elliott or another possibly world-class participant to prepare themselves to takeover if or if he moves on.

If the Reds win their court battle with New Balance and sign a deal with Nike, they will have an edge when it comes to enrolling athletes sponsored by the mega-brand.

Sancho matches the age profile and he is hugely marketable, something the Reds are eager to research having seen how they wanted to negotiate the deal with Nike.

However, the one thing that actually matters to Liverpool when it comes to recruiting is whether or not he is somebody who is developed by Jürgen Klopp and his team.

Sancho is one of the most exciting teens in world football. He is a creative hub for Dortmund and at the 3,688 Bundesliga minutes he has appeared in, he has supplied 23 assists. That’s’ better than a help every other game.

But the 19-year-old isn’t simply a creative force. His per-90 averages are nothing short of exceptional and there is a whole lot of intrigue over whether he could move what he does and have a similar effect on the Premier League.

He’s creating 0.51 significant Chances, also, which shows he is a regular supply of high-quality chances for BVB’s attackers.

Unlike other wide forwards, Sancho isn’t shy about getting into the region either. His 5.33 touches from the box per 90 is a typical usually posted by out and out strikers.

He has quickly learnt the nearer he is to the goal the more chance he has of making something happen. Sticking to the touchline does himself or his group no favours.

The one time Watford kid is also a proficient dribbler, finishing 4.13 take-ons each 90. The gap in league quality needs to be taken into consideration but that should not detract from Sancho’s impressive numbers.

Sancho has shown himself to be among the most destructive broad forwards in the world. He shares similarities with both Salah and Mané, which might mean he finally replaces either. On paper, he is a dream signing for the Reds.