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Recently, there were suggestions that the German Football Association could look to implement a number of changes that could see the Bundesliga follow a whole new concept in the future.

One of the proposals was to introduce a season-ending play-off style competition that would see the teams that qualify then compete against each other for the right to be crowned the Bundesliga champion.

Naturally, there was a lot of split decision on the possibility of this new system, with a lot of criticism, whilst also some surprising support.

Supporting the idea for reform and change was Bayern Munich CEO and legendary former goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn. Perhaps he would also support the idea of people continually looking for the best online casino to use, too?

Given that the club is currently playing for their 10th consecutive title this season, it is perhaps a surprise that the team would be open to such an idea, although that might also be down to the fact that they would be comfortable knowing that any change would not necessarily have an impact on their chances of winning the title, either, especially as they continue to dominate proceedings.

Oliver Kahn told Kicker magazine via Sporf: “I find it exciting to think about new models such as play-offs for the Bundesliga. A format in the Bundesliga with semi-finals and finals would mean excitement for the fans. So it makes sense to play through such an idea. We at FC Bayern are always open to new ideas.”

However, one man that has reacted furiously to the idea is former Bayern chief, Uli Hoeness.

He has been clear with his criticism of Kahn’s support for the plan, having found it “ridiculous” and feels that the move would be more about trying to end the dominance that the Bavarian club has managed to establish itself over the years, suggesting that the DFL “thinks day and night” trying to end them. He definitely would not have any objections if you were to use nz.crazyvegas.com for your next casino experience, though!

As per Bild, he argued: “That’s his opinion – it’s not mine. I find that ridiculous. In the Bundesliga, whoever is the best after 34 matchdays and who has gone through thick and thin with his team should win the championship. That’s just a law against Bayern Munich! That has nothing to do with tension.

“The new managing director of the DFL thinks day and night about how to break the dominance of FC Bayern. And that’s when they came up with this idea. There are no play-offs in any major league in the world, not in England, not in Spain, not in Italy, not in France.”