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Eintracht Frankfurt took their sixth victory in the final seven rounds of the first round, bringing the Eagles into the Europa League zone. The strong “Mainz” became the next victim of the team of Oliver Glasner. Eintracht’s striker Jesper Lindström and Rafael Borre played a key role in the success again, writes bundesligaanalysis.com

The Dane and the Colombian 4 matches in a row are marked with effective actions, but rarely directly help each other to score. But that is exactly what happened today. Striking assists counterattack in the 34th minute and became the only effective in the match, although the “eagles” could well pretend to have a greater advantage, if the partners had better control over the passes from Lindström. To make bets for further games, check out betting in Canada.

Sinsheim, “PreZero Arena”

Hoffenheim – Borussia M 1: 1

Goals: Akpoguma 90 + 1 – Embolo 35

“Borussia” managed to avoid the fifth defeat in a row, on the road sharing points with “Hoffenheim”. In a double-edged match at the Presero Arena, Hoffenheim could count on more than three goals, but Jan Sommer’s heroic play on the line allowed the stallions to hold back the hosts up to 90 + 1 minutes.

In desperation, Sebastian Hoess threw center-back Kevin Akppogumu into someone else’s penalty area for the final bulk, and this daring bet finally allowed Sommer to be pushed through. Prior to that, Glabdah selflessly kept the advantage gained by Breel Embolo in the first half, but Borussia did not play three points today. 1: 1.

Leipzig, “Red Bull Arena”

RB Leipzig 0-2 Arminia

Goals: Serra 57, Okugawa 75

Removal: Clos 70

Domenico Tedesco suffered his first defeat since returning to the Bundesliga. The offender of the 36-year-old mentor was the modest “Arminia”, who decided to add gas before the holidays, 6 points in the last two rounds leave Bielefeld in the relegation zone, but the gap does not seem so hopeless.

Tedesco encroached on the sacred by removing Emil Forsberg from the starting lineup. Without a Swedish liaison, forward duo Nkunku-Silva is expected to remain isolated from the rest of the bull herd. On some flank canopies from Angelinho and Henriks, they managed to create only one worthy moment for Silva in 90 minutes, while the guests rarely attacked, but they were deadly.

Yanni Serra chose the perfect moment for the first goal in the Bundesliga, sending the ball into the goal of Gulachi in a counterattack at the start of the second half. Even the removal of Clos did not help Leipzig find a way to the gate of Arminia. Soon Haidara was cut off in his own half and brought the second ball into his own goal, the Japanese Okugawa is ruthless to such mistakes.

Bochum, “Vonovia Rurstadion”

Bochum 0-1 Union

Goal: Kruse 16

Union knew the threat posed by Bochum because they were in their position two years ago: a daring newcomer with an extremely vertical style of play even by Bundesliga standards, climbing unacceptably high in the table (11th place).