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Schalke 04 have gone from being a well-established Bundesliga side into one who face the real possibility of being one of the worst to have ever existed.

The Gelsenkirchen outfit were once one of the most feared sides in Germany’s top flight and were once of a level in which they were able to challenge the likes of Bayern Munich for the title and made Bundesliga news rather exciting at times to view.

However, 2020 has been nothing but awful for the club as they have found it incredibly difficult to pick up three points. In fact, the last time Schalke 04 have managed to pick up a victory in the Bundesliga was 24 matches ago.

Of course, that figure is truly alarming and one that will be unwanted by the once top club, however it seems another team wants it to end as they are rather keen on the record that they had actually set decades ago.

In 1966, Tasmania Berlin managed to set the record for the most games in a row without a victory as they went on a streak that consisted of 31 matches. Now a fifth-tier football club, they have thrown their support behind the Gelsenkirchen club and want them to pick up a win inside their next six matches.

The reason? Simply because of the identity the club have managed to build upon having the rather interesting record.

“It’s been part of our identity for so long,” Almir Numic, the club’s executive director, told ESPN. “This record helps us. When we sit down with sponsors, we don’t have to explain who Tas are. The first thing you see on Sportschau [a popular German football highlights show] every year is our crest. That’s just cool. It’s become part of what we are.”

The club are in a good position to start making their way back to the Bundesliga, however they are determined to try and keep ahold of the record for as long as possible; something Schalke 04 probably do not want to take away from them in the first place.

“My friend Souleyman Sane, Leroy Sane’s dad, told me that Tasmania are a sleeping giant,” Numic added. “And, indeed, that record is part of our history, our identity. We sell merchandise all over the world because of it. Only recently, we sent a package to Norway. Those following football in Berlin can see that the giant is waking up.”

Schalke 04 have matches against Borussia Monchengladbach, Bayer Leverkusen, FC Augsburg, SC Freiburg, Arminia Bielefeld, Hertha BSC and TSG Hoffenheim all to come, whilst if they fail to win any of those fixtures, their game against Eintracht Frankfurt on 16 January 2021 could see them erase Tasmania Berlin from the history books.