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With the 2022/2023 Bundesliga season already upon us, we are getting set for some incredible actions. The teams are beginning to fight for their spot in the top zones to ensure they make it into the European spots, and the players are trying to help their respective teams to win as many games as possible. 

The odds for the league are ready, and you can bet on them like you would with NFL odds. You can start your journey by checking the different futures odds before jumping to make your predictions. And with new players in the league, we can expect more excitement and memorable moments.

With Lewandowski gone to Barcelona, the crown for the highest goalscorer is open to the rest of the league. The players that have been struggling to beat out Lewandowski have the chance to do so this season. 

Sebastien Haller

Sebastien Haller is a former Ajax player who scored many goals in last season’s UCL and League competitions. The player is a prolific striker that doesn’t shy away from any chance. He can convert half chances and push the team to score more goals. Undoubtedly, he would be an asset to the team this season.

Haller spent most of his playing career moving about, but he made his best mark playing for Ajax last season. He would be a perfect addition to the Dortmund team, and with Lewandowski gone, he can easily win the highest goal scorer award, although there are other top contenders in the league. 

Karim Adeyemi

Another new entrant in the Dortmund squad to make this list is Karim Adeyemi, who made a move from RB Salzburg. He showed his skills on the big stage against Bayern Munich, and he could almost help the team eliminate Bayern Munich from the competition. Adeyemi is undoubtedly a star.

He is still very young with plenty of prospects. Therefore, there is time for the player to grow into his abilities. He can keep improving, and because of that, we know that he will take his chances. In addition, he can become the league’s highest goalscorer next season. 

Patrik Schick

If Lewandowski weren’t in the league last season, Patrik Schick would have been the highest goalscorer. He was second place at the end of the season, scoring more goals than Erling Haaland and every other player in the league. Schick has one of the best chances of winning the award. 

He has the experience to back it up and would continue pushing for the award. This season is his best chance of getting the award because we expect him to move to another country pretty soon. He is an impressive player that many top European teams would love to add to their squad. 

Sadio Mane

After spending most of his playing years in England, Sadio Mane has decided to explore other options in Europe. Now, he calls Bayern his new home. Mane is a solid player that brings a different flair to the attack. He was one of the top players at Liverpool, and we expect him to continue on that note with Bayern.

As a result, he would be one of the top goalscorers in the league. We all know that he can get into space and push the boundaries. It would be a tight race to the award, but Mane would be part of the top finishers. He is a solid player that would keep giving us enjoyable moments. 

Christopher Nkunku

The RB Leipzig forward was one of the top goalscorers in the league last season. The player has continued to improve since he made a move from Paris Saint-Germain. He is an impressive player with growing experience. Nkunku can play in a front-three and also in the midfield.

Because of his multiple abilities, he can achieve lots of goals. So, we think he would be one of the top contenders in the league. It might be challenging, but it is possible. We would see him flourish in the league and continue to offer exciting moments to the fans and spectators throughout the Bundesliga season. 

Serge Gnabry

With Lewandowski gone, Serge Gnabry is Bayern Munich’s top goalscorer from last season. The forward is an exciting player with tremendous explosiveness. He can play as a focal point or push to the sides to help create chances. In addition, he can convert half chances and create magic.

Gnabry would be one of Bayern’s main scoring outlets because of his abilities. We expect him to play most of his games on the right and centrally since Bayern doesn’t seem to have an out-and-out experienced striker to replace Lewandowski. Therefore, we would see more of Gnabry in the central position, giving him the chance to score more goals.