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Although it can be a rather rare feeling for many fans of the sport, football might not always be enjoyable.

Take Schalke 04 fans, for example. The Bundesliga outfit have struggled and appear to have lost their way in recent months as they do not appear to be able to buy a win from anywhere – as they found it extremely difficult to pick up three points following the resumption of the 2019/20 Bundesliga campaign.

Of course, the 2020/21 Bundesliga season would have provided David Wagner’s side with the ideal opportunity to start afresh. Although, when going up against Bayern Munich in the opener, perhaps the first game of the campaign is not the best time to start.

Indeed, it proved to be that way, as they went down 8-0 at the Allianz Arena and put the spotlight back on them. Therefore, being a Schalke 04 fan this season could be a rather difficult task this season and one that supporters may not find enjoyable.

Nonetheless, there are a number of different things that those fans (and others who start to find it difficult to enjoy football) can do to bring some excitement/enjoyment to their lives.

Playing football-related gaming titles

Although watching the team you support might be unenjoyable and difficult at times, perhaps leading them to glory (or at least a better showing than in reality) might help reinvigorate the passion involved in being a fan.

One of the fun ideas to entertain yourself in 2021 could be to play one of the latest football-related video games that are to hit the shelves. Popular titles such as FIFA 21 and Football Manager 2021 will both be available, which can help take the anguish from supporting your club away for a little bit.

For those that enjoy playing against others to keep their competitive juices flowing, there is plenty of useful info on online gaming in 2020 available for gamers to take a look at.

Betting on the action

If the team is not providing fans with the pleasure that can be felt when a positive result is recorded, then why not add an activity to go alongside it that can provide some of the excitement that is lacking.

Indeed, betting on the action is one certain way as to improving the whole experience being felt; especially when winners are picked out! Although there might not be much better than the team being followed picking up three points or winning a title, picking up some extra income can be a close-second.

Sports betting has become hugely popular across the entire world, with the NHL (Ice Hockey) one such sport that has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. This article about betting on NHL in 2020 certainly provides plenty of useful information on why it has become as popular as it has.

Simply play the sport

If the enjoyment from watching the football on the TV or from the stands (when permitted) is simply not there, then why not go and play the sport and fall back in love with the beautiful game.

Although running around the pitch might sound hard for some, especially if they have not played in ages, it can bring back the memories and the emotions that are associated with the sport and make it that enjoyable once again.