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For the last ten years, Bayern Munich has been dominating the German Bundesliga. They are the first team to win ten straight league titles in Europe among the top leagues. The team has become the focal point of the league. Undoubtedly, Bayern Munich would have the best lines as you would find with top teams on various College Football lines.  

Many pundits predict that Bayern will win the league, so we expect them to retake the crown likely. But with Lewandowski gone, the team isn’t as strong as they were in the past few seasons. In that case, we expect them to struggle, and other teams can take advantage.

With this opening, we think a few teams can rival Bayern Munich this 2022/2023 season and give them more work. It might still end in a Munich win, but they would have to work for this title because the teams wouldn’t bulge and give them the breathing space. We will be looking at how the season turns out.

In that case, we’ve pieced together five teams that can rival Bayern Munich this Bundesliga season. These teams have the chance to push for the league title this season. Let’s check them out and why we think they can contend against Bayern without wasting time. 

Borussia Dortmund

The second-best team in the league for many years is Borussia Dortmund. The team has been rivalling Bayern Munich for many years and contesting for the league. The last time Bayern didn’t win the league. Dortmund was the team that stopped them from doing that, and since then, they’ve been the top team to give Bayern problems.

With the new recruitment Dortmund has done, they would enjoy some exciting playing moments and have the chance to contend against Bayern. It would be difficult for them to reach the top, but it is possible. They can win the league if they can remain compact and disciplined throughout the season. 

RB Leipzig

Following Dortmund closely is RB Leipzig. The team rose from the amateur ranks to become one of the best teams in Germany. They used to have the equivalent of college football odds before they made it to the top stage, and since then, they’ve been a formidable team. They’ve even finished above Dortmund on multiple occasions.

Although the team hasn’t bought too many players this season, they would still have a solid team going into the new season. It would be easy for them to play against the lower teams. Their only problem is getting reasonable points when facing other league top teams. They end up losing too many points. 

Bayer Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen is an incredible team with so many exciting players. Over the years, they’ve been building a top team, and last season they secured the UCL spot. With the team back into the UCL fray, they would have the chance to attract top players, making them more competitive in the league.

Leverkusen has a solid team that we believe would rival Bayern this season. It is difficult for the team to win the league because of the other tough teams. They would need to push harder than they did last season. Therefore, getting over the line would take lots of concentration and discipline.

Union Berlin

Union Berlin has been on a gradual rise to ultimate potential. The team has been trying to break into the top four for a couple of seasons, and as it stands, we think they might have the chance. As we proceed into the season, Union Berlin would be one of the league’s top teams to challenge for the tight.

Berlin would give Bayern problems this season, and if they are lucky enough to pounce on other teams’ errors, they might finish higher than expected. We would be looking at how the team fairs throughout the season and, at the end of the day, see if they can be the team to challenge Bayern Munich.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt has been one of the top teams in the league for some seasons, but they’ve been having issues during the league. The team has dropped from the top zones. However, they made their way to the Europa League last season, and after a grueling season, they ended up winning the competition.

That win has given them the boost they need to go on this season and try to fight for more. They would be playing in the Champions League. It is an incredible ride for the team, and we think they will end the season as one of the challengers in the league against Bayern Munich. 

Their odds are getting better, and we might see them go on to have top odds like leading teams with NCAA football odds.