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We all like to have a little downtime at moments throughout the year, with Ibiza perhaps a popular destination for those that love the clubbing scene and the ability to party whilst winding down on the incredible beaches that are located there.

Indeed, the FC Bayern Munich players certainly have those same thoughts as they decided to spend some of the days they had free after winning their 10th consecutive Bundesliga title on the magical isle.

However, whilst many would have banked on them to beat Mainz at the weekend and would have been confident enough to place a wager on the game using 1xBet, it clearly did not work out how many would have imagined.

In fact, some would say there was a bit of a hangover as the team lost 3-1 in their first game since being crowned champions.

One man that took particular exception to the Ibiza trip was Lothar Matthaus, who criticised Julian Nagelsmann’s side for the two-day trip to the Spanish island.

The former star and pundit – who works for Sky Germany – was speaking about it following the defeat and stated (via GOAL): “It doesn’t fit at all, especially after a game like this. If you had won yesterday, I would say: stay in Ibiza for three days.”

He doubled down in his analysis, as he exclaimed: “It’s not possible after this game! Not only because of the players, but also because of FC Bayern’s public image. Bayern fans get angry and then the players go on vacation.

“Free days are normally cancelled after such a display.”

Naturally, Matthaus was not the only person to have had an opinion on the trip to Ibiza, with Hertha Berlin coach Felix Magath also claiming it was the wrong thing to do and that it should not have been done.

“For all teams, the season lasts until the last matchday and I don’t know why a team can then say: ‘We won’t play the season to the end and coast through three matchdays before closing.’ It doesn’t serve the Bundesliga or the competition,” he said.

FC Bayern have responded to those remarks, though, with director Hasan Salihamdzic having defended the decision by telling Sport1: “Last week the players informed us that they would like to spend the free days as a group on Ibiza.

“We accepted it as a team-building exercise.

“As a player, I learned that you can become stronger from dealing with losses.

“Such a group trip can be the basis for that.”

Nonetheless, the team will have been angered by the fact that they had suffered a defeat immediately after claiming their 10th consecutive championship, therefore, you can expect them to come out all guns blazing when they take on VfB Stuttgart at the weekend.