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Generic Football

Betting on the Bundesliga is very popular amongst punters from Germany and those from other parts of the world. Bookmakers have also jumped on the train by offering many bets and markets for football. Many matches in the top league in Germany are available to watch and stream live on online casino and sportsbook services. 

The Bundesliga can be a profitable league to bet on if done the right way. Sportsbooks have also made it simple to access these bets by using services such as the Betway app download that’s accessible right from the palm of your hand.

Football is a thrilling and passionate game, and the various betting options add to the excitement. Each betting option in the Bundesliga has its variable. Understanding how these variables work is important, as it will help you decide where to place your bet.

The Bundesliga Season 

A Bundesliga season starts in August and continues until  May of the following year. Most of the matches take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The DFB-Pokal is a separate competition with many matches and has teams from the top two divisions of the Bundesliga. The DFB Pokal is the annual cup competition conducted by the German Football Association (DFB).The winner of the cup will then face the Bundeslia champions in the DFL-Supercup.

Ways To Place Your Bet on the Bundesliga

Placing a bet on the Bundesliga is no rocket science; anyone can do it. Football attracts a wide range of punters from all over the world. Some will use their desktops and mobile devices to place their bets. 

The most popular ways to place your bid include over/under,  3-way betting,  Asian handicap,  In-Play Betting,  moneyline betting,  proposition betting, and futures betting. Below is a detail of four of the most popular Bundesliga betting options. 

Moneyline Bet

This type of bet works by you simply selecting who will win between two clubs. However, there are inflated odds, so you are betting more to win less on the favourite and betting less to win more on the underdog. 

Over/Under Bet

This type of bet is based on the total number of goals. You are simply betting the over or under the total goals the bookie has posted. 

Prop Betting

Prop betting in soccer is similar to other sports, as the bet has nothing to do with the outcome of the match. There are player and team prop bets, such as will player A score a goal, will there be a red card in the match, will there be over or under seven corner kicks.  Prop bets are based on events likely to happen during a match. 

Live Betting 

Live odds, in-play, or in-game are betting odds updated in real-time during a football match. You are making bets on a match while it is happening. For live betting the odds will change depending on how the match is unfolding.