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Union Berlin’s Potential Game-Changer Games

Union Berlin is a very surprising team if we consider their recent past and their current form. As Bayern Munich lost yesterday, the Berlin side can become leaders of the Bundesliga later today. All they need to do is to win against Shalke in a game they are the favourites in the betting markets, with low odds in the 1×2 market and big handicaps between -1/4 and -1/2 ball with odds around 2.0.

But that’s not the only key fixture ahead…

FC Bayern v Union Berlin: February 26th Bundesliga game.

If Union Berlin wins today at home, they’ll have the chance to really get some advantage over FC Bayern, as they’ll visit The German Kings in the upcoming weekend. Of course, in a game like this, we do expect Bayern Munich to be the favourites.

But as the Berlin side is the favourite team this Sunday, it’ll only take them one victory as underdogs to get what would be an incredible advantage over FC Bayern in the Bundesliga title fight.

Beating FC Bayern in the next round could mean that the title fight would also heavily involve Borussia Dortmund.

It’s interesting to point this right now because FC Bayern played incredibly well against PSG on the road last midweek in the UEFA Champions League.

The Bundesliga is becoming quite interesting as a tournament, and arguably a stronger one than La Liga if we do not consider Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Long gone are the days when FC Bayern is dominant without any kind of opposition. Back in the era of Robben and Ribery, Bayern Munich used to have extremely low odds to win the Bundesliga even before the tournament start, with odds below 1.05 being common.

While Borussia Dortmund improved their form recently, they are still not as great as they were in the Klopp era.

Union Berlin v Ajax: Europa League Round of 32 Second Leg

The German Capital club secured a draw on the road against Ajax, a side that is famous for selling young talent at astonishing prices.

Ajax is used to recycling its talent base and that makes them a natural brand in the transfer markets.

Union Berlin, however, may end this Sunday as the leaders of the Bundesliga and will only need to win at their domains to knock out one of the most traditional teams in Europe to progress in the Europa League.

It’s true that we had a thriller between Barcelona and Manchester United last midweek, and a potential big title in the UEFA Europa League wouldn’t come without a fight, but considering how the market sees Union Berlin these days, they’re overperforming.

The Market Value of Union Berlin’s Players

The market value of all Union Berlin players combined is of €117m according to Transfermarkt, whilst the market value of all Ajax players is of €274m. Only Sheraldo Becker is worth over €10m according to the estimations of the website (his value is of €15m as of February 19th, 2023), while the Dutch side has 12 players worth at least 10 Million Euros.

Union Berlin vs FC Bayern: €117m VS €995m

Just as a reference for contrast: FC Bayern has a squad worth €995m as of today, according to the same source, with 18 players over the €10m estimated value. And The Berliner side is expected to beat them in the Bundesliga table today due to the current form of the visitors Shalke 04.

Summary: The Seven Days of Key Fixtures of Union Berlin

If Union Berlin has a lucky week and 3 victories ahead, we’ll be talking about a new leader of the Bundesliga and a surprising side in the UEFA Europa League that was able to beat the biggest football club in The Netherlands.

Time will tell what will happen, but considering the recent loss of FC Bayern yesterday, Union Berlin is very likely to at least be in the UEFA Champions League 2023/24 which will be quite interesting in itself.