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The Bundesliga has become a breeding ground for talents that get poached by Premier League clubs. Be it Granit Xhaka, Roberto Firmino, Christian Pulisic or Leroy Sane, a lot of the big clubs have made the most out of what the Bundesliga has to offer. The league boasts of multiple talents, with the main one being Jadon Sancho currently. But that isn’t all that it has to offer.

One rather undervalued talent who is making the waves in Germany is Werder Bremen’s Milot Rashica. Die Werderaner had shelled out only €7 million to sign the Kosovo international from Twente in the summer of 2018. Very soon, they could be forced to make a profit out of that as Rashica has a release clause of £31million. If you follow the professional sports betting tips, you’ll be aware of this player’s ability.

His performances this season have raised eyebrows, showing that he might be worth that release clause. That is one big reason why the likes of Liverpool, RB Leipzig, Southampton and multiple other clubs have been linked with him. He would present a bargain buy for all of them, considering those are clubs that have a name for giving the right platforms for players to succeed.

Bremen have been struggling in the Bundesliga this season though. They find themselves at second-bottom and have won just three of their last 15 league games. Most indicators in online betting on sports suggest they could go down. They have the second-lowest goals tally in the division and the sad part is that they’ve also created the second-lowest XG as well. It shows that they deserve to score as much as they have.

But Rashica has contributed to ten goals out of that tally of 25. That is the highest a player has contributed to goals in the side this season. He’s constantly played at either the left-wing or upfront for Florian Kohfeldt’s side.

It is also important to note that Rashica’s tally of seven goals and three assists has come when he’s played only 19 games so far. His XG per 90 stands at 0.27. A lot of that high output is down to him taking 3.15 shots per 90 minutes. Being the sole creative outlet for the side allows him to complete 2.2 successful dribbles per 90 for Bremen.

This season has been about him not getting enough shots away from closer to goal, as per Understat. But he still overperforms on his XG by over 2.0- like he did last season when he had taken more shots per 90 minutes and had scored nine goals and had five assists in 26 appearances.

That is a reflection of how he’s an economical finisher and a reliable creator who thrives on the freedom to move. The fact that he has overperformed on his XG and XA over the last two years can be proof that perhaps, he’s ready for a jump to a bigger club.

He’s been consistent in his output and has a very impressive thrust about the way he plays. He’s quick and nippy. Defenders find it tough to pin him as he’s more than just a shallow dribbler. He’s very good at creating, bar finding the back of the net.

Perhaps, that is why clubs are looking at him. He is very much of the versatile forward player mould that Liverpool are looking for in someone like Timo Werner. And he’s also the sort of player who can replace Werner if he leaves for any bigger club in the summer of 2020.

One thing that can let him down initially is that he’s too used to being the chief scorer or creator. There is sometimes too much emphasis on his abilities- something that can reduce when he plays for a bigger club. But for what his release clause presents, he will be a very handy deal for any club and won’t mean too big a loss for a Premier League club.