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One of the greatest fears of the fans of Bayern Munich was that they wouldn’t be able to find someone who could replace their legend Philipp Lahm in the right-back position. Besides, Jogi Löw maybe thought that he would have the exact same problem in the German national team. However, Bayern, as well as the national team, now don’t have to worry about that position since Joshua Kimmich is currently surely among the best three right-backs in world football.

Kimmich has got a market value of £63 million and is at the moment the right-back with the second-highest market value behind Trent Alexander-Arnold who’s worth £72 million. They’re about on the same level but since Alexander-Arnold is 20 years old and so four years younger, his market value is higher.

This tactical analysis in the form of a scout report will look at Kimmich’s abilities, examine why he’s so important for Niko Kovač’s team and discuss in which position the German will play in the next years.

If you want to read the full tactical breakdown of Joshua Kimmich’s player profile, head over to totalfootballanalysis.com or click HERE

Artwork by @chapulana

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