Two teams at opposite ends of the table faced each other in the 2. Bundesliga on Monday night as VfB Stuttgart faced 1.FC Nuremberg. It was a game that went the way many people thought, with Nuremberg struggling and recently appointing new manager Jens Keller, while Stuttgart were looking to maintain their push for promotion under the excellent coach Tim Walter. As a result, the game was a pretty familiar one to Stuttgart, with them being tasked to break down a deep block of bodies for 90 minutes. a situation which Tim Walter’s philosophy and tactics are built on solving. In this tactical analysis, we will look at the build-up patterns and strategies of Stuttgart, and look at how their offensive structure allowed them to break down a resolute Nuremberg side.


Stuttgart lined up in a 4-3-3 but didn’t stay in any fixed formation due to their fluent build-up play, with their most common formation resembling more of a 3-3-4 or a 3-2-5 at times. Nuremberg meanwhile used a 4-5-1 and stayed extremely deep looking to remain as compact as possible and grab a goal from a counter-attack, set piece or long ball.


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