The next chapter - which prominent coach could join Bayern Munich anytime soon?

On November 3, Bayern Munich sacked their coach Nico Kovač after their 5:1 loss against Eintracht Frankfurt which took place just one day before that. At first, it seemed as he would get two last chances in the Champions League match against Olympiacos Piraeus and the Bundesliga clash against Dortmund. However, the bosses of Bayern decided that they would need to immediately set a statement. And it seems as it would have helped the team. The former assistant coach Hans-Dieter Flick took the team over as interim manager and they won against Piraeus with 2:0 and just a few days later they bet Dortmund surprisingly with 4:0.

Due to that great results, Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rumenigge announced that Flick would be the head coach at least until Christmas and maybe even longer (additionally they bet Düsseldorf this weekend with 4:0 in Flick’s third game). However, last week one news changed the whole complexion of this question who the coach of Bayern for the rest of this and next season would be.

A possible rollercoaster ride for Pochettino?

On November 19, Spurs announced that Mauricio Pochettino wouldn’t be their head coach anymore. The Argentinian took Tottenham over in the summer of 2014 and since then his team improved from season to season and the highlight was sure that they reached last season the Champions League final which they lost against Liverpool. Pochettino is already for a long time known as one of the best coaches in Europe since he finished in his five seasons at Tottenham never worse than fifth, but with the performances last campaign in the Champions League they became serious contenders to win any silverware anytime soon.

Pochettino was the man who stood for Tottenham’s success and the media often talked about which big clubs would like to sign him. However, this season so far, Tottenham disappointed most of the time. They collected just 14 points in the 12 opening games and were in the 14th position. That wasn’t the start which Tottenham expected. Through the whole time, Pochettino got criticized, but his team just didn’t get better results what then led to the already mentioned consequence that he left the club.

Now, he could be the one who takes over the German champions Bayern Munich as Flick is just the interim manager. So, the Argentinian coach was seen as a hero at Tottenham during the last couple of years and this season he was the one who everybody blamed for the performances of the Spurs. Now, he could possibly take over Bayern and once more prove the world what a great coach he is.

Is it possible?

It’s clear that there are a lot of rumours if Pochettino joins Bayern or not. At the moment it’s not really clear since Bayern won all of their three games since Flick is in charge. Besides, before Pochettino left Tottenham, it almost looked very likely that Erik ten Hag would leave Ajax Amsterdam in the upcoming summer and take over Bayern. However, that Pochettino is now a free coach, of course, changes this whole topic. It’s hard to say if he’ll take over Bayern and if so, will it happen in the next few weeks or in the summer break. Since in Germany there is also a winter break, he could take over just around Christmas to have then enough time to work with the team. However, it’s at the moment anything possible and we’ll see what happens in the upcoming weeks and maybe even months.