Bundesliga 2019/20: Hertha Berlin vs Wolfsburg- tactical analysis
Artwork by @chapluana

Wolfsburg travelled to Hertha Berlin last Sunday seeking to gain their second Bundesliga win in as many matches. They achieved this with a professional 3-0 away win at the Olympiastadion, in large parts thanks to a very early goal from Wout Weghorst. In this tactical analysis, I will use analysis to show how Wolfsburg managed to stay compact and hold off Hertha and point out some structural issues in Hertha, both offensively and defensively.


Glasner lined Wolfsburg up in his favoured formation, with the exact same lineup as matchday one. This three/five at the back played a key role in the game for Wolfsburg, as I will move onto later. Hertha meanwhile employed a 4-3-3 and struggled to break down a compact, difficult Wolfsburg side.

Bundesliga 2019/20: Hertha Berlin Wolfsburg- tactical analysis tactics

Wolfsburg’s adaptation

Upon taking the lead early on, Wolfsburg adapted their shape and sat much deeper, challenging Hertha to attempt to break down their mid/low block. We can see their 5-4-1 formation below, which looked to limit space between the lines and limit Hertha’s build-up. If the ball was recycled wide, the winger could move out to press while still being backed up by the full-back, and due to the large numbers of Wolfsburg committed behind the ball, they were able to shuffle across without leaving much space.

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Artwork by @chapulana

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